Sofia in Chemistry World

Great to see former PhD student Dr Sofia Papadouli featured in chemistry world in an article on the important issue of gender equality. Sofia did her PhD in the Bristol Synthesis CDT, jointly supervised by Prof. Paul Pringle and Eoghan. Also featured is another former Bristol CDT student Jo Sampson. Both are now working at CatSci, featured in the article because it has an almost 50/50 gender balance. The McGarrigle group is as close to 50:50 as you can get 9 people to be (5:4); we are committed to equality and diversity in all forms.


EuroCarb XX in Leiden

The McGarrigle group was well represented at EuroCarb XX in Leiden this week. Eoghan gave a short talk and we presented four posters. Some of our highlights of the meeting included Prof Steve Withers changing blood to universal donor blood type, Prof David Crich on promising antibiotics (which the world badly needs), Prof Adrian Minaard on site-selective catalysis and Prof Charles Loh on his group’s organocatalysed glycosylations. Congratulations to Prof Carme Rovira and Alba Silipo on their award lectures for the Emil Fischer and Carbohydrate Research awards, respectively. Thanks to the Leiden group for hosting the >500 participants in the beautiful city of Leiden. We enjoyed our visit to the city, with its beautiful canals, windmills, and lots of bicycles. Thanks to SFI and UCD for funding to participate in the meeting. Now we are looking forward to the next EuroCarb in Paris!