Farewell Thomas!

We wish Thomas all the best as he finishes his time in the group this week. Thomas has submitted and successfully defended his thesis concerning sulfur ylide chemistry. We thank Thomas for his contributions to the group’s research and wish him well for his future career.

Eoghan visits Liebig College

Giessen Aug2017 croppedEoghan was in Giessen, Germany, this week as a visiting Professor at the Liebig College. The college is named after Justus von Liebig, who is credited with founding the modern laboratory-oriented teaching of chemistry. Liebig founded his laboratory in Organic Chemistry in Giessen in the 1820s and made many significant contributions to science (although he didn’t invent the Liebig condenser, but rather popularised it). He transformed chemical education, training more than 700 students in Giessen in his time there and many modern chemists can trace their ‘chemical family tree‘ back to Liebig including a significant number of Nobel Prize winners, and, slightly less significantly, Eoghan! Several UCD students have also taken part in the Liebig College in the past few summers and have had very positive experiences in the College. As well as giving lectures on the group’s research, Eoghan had the opportunity to engage with members of Faculty and researchers in the Justus Liebig Unviersity – making this a very interesting trip.