Welcome Conor, Katie and Laura!!

We welcome Conor, Katie and Laura to the group. They are carrying out their final year research projects in the group as part of their BSc degrees in Medicinal Chemistry & Chemical Biology. Katie will be working in the area of asymmetric organocatalysis, Laura will be working on synthetic carbohydrate chemistry, while Conor will work on new organocatalysts for carbohydrate chemistry. We hope you enjoy your time in the group and that you learn a lot while you are with us. We are sure you will make valuable contributions to the group’s research efforts during their projects.


Welcome back Peter and Welcome Caoimhe!!

Peter and Caoimhe started their PhDs in the group today. Peter carried out his final-year research project with the group last year, his PhD is funded by the SFI-EPSRC funded joint A2P CDT in Sustainable Chemistry between the University of Nottingham and the SFI centre BEACON. Caoimhe carried out her MSc research project with the Oscarson group (our 3rd floor neighbours). Caoimhe’s PhD project is funded by SSPC – the SFI Research Centre for Pharmaceuticals. Both are pursuing research in the broad area of organocatalysis. We are really glad to welcome the two of you to the group!