Stage-4 Project Students

We expect to welcome two or three stage-4 undergraduate project students to the group this year. Interested students are encouraged to contact Eoghan if they would like to hear more about opportunities in the group. Students will gain experience of Organic Chemistry, Catalysis and/or Carbohydrate Chemistry. Projects for the 2018-2019 year will involve projects such as the development of catalysts for use in asymmetric synthesis, new methodologies in synthetic carbohydrate chemistry, and the synthesis of biologically active molecules. See our research page and publications page for recent highlights. We can host students from the Chemistry, Chemistry with Environmental & Sustainable Chemistry, and Medicinal Chemistry & Chemical Biology programmes, and have projects tailored to suit students from each programme.

Skills: You will be encouraged to develop your chemical knowledge, technical skills and transferable skills. You will gain experience of modern organic synthesis techniques and experience of catalysis. These include vacuum line techniques for working under inert atmospheres, chromatography (flash column, HPLC and GC), working on small and medium reaction scales, use of spectroscopic techniques – especially NMR. Your project will give you a chance to do real research while receiving excellent training. This will be especially advantageous for people interested in working as organic chemists in the pharmaceutical, medicinal or agrochemical industries or in pursuing a PhD in organic chemistry after graduating.

Our group shares lab-space with the groups of Prof Gilheany and Prof Casey on the top floor of the A1 section of the Science South building.

Previous Project Students and destinations on graduation:

Alan Buckley (2017-18 Env SusChem) – tbc

Cian Reid (2017-18 MedChem) – IRC PhD in the Guiry group, UCD

Nathan Feely (2017-18 Chem) – SFI MSc with Prof Gil Lee, UCD

Joseph Ruddy (2017-18 MedChem) – SFI MSc in the McGarrigle group

Fiona Clarke (2016-17 MedChem) – MEngSc in Biopharmaceutical Engineering, UCD

Alex Horan (2016-17 Chem) – IRC PhD in the McGarrigle group

Saranna Kavanagh (2016-17 Chem) – IRC PhD with Prof Declan Gilheany, UCD

Orla Patton (2015-16, Chem) – IRC PhD with Prof Declan Gilheany, UCD

Mark Reihill (2015-16 MedChem) – PhD with Prof Stefan Oscarson, UCD

David Farrar (2015-16 MedChem) – MEngSc in Biopharmaceutical Engineering, UCD

Mairead Boland (2014-15 MedChem) – IRC PhD with Prof Stefan Oscarson, UCD

Amy Maguire (2014-15 Chem) – SFI PhD with Prof Stephen Connon, TCD

Martin Ferry (2013-14 Chem) – IRC PhD in the McGarrigle Group

Sarah Mallen (2013-14 MedChem) – SFI Researcher with Dr Sarah Hudson, UL

Jeff Glynn (2013-14 MedChem) – working in reproductive medicine

Avene Colgan (2012-13 MedChem) – IRC PhD in the McGarrigle group

Chigozie Achara (2012-13 MedChem) – postgraduate diploma (Strathclyde, UK), now working in Biofocus.

For enquiries please email:


or call into my office on the top floor of Science South S3.46.