Avene talks at ACS Philadelphia

Avene gave a lecture at the 252nd American Chemical Society National Meeting & Exposition in Philadelphia yesterday. This was Avene’s first time to present a talk at an international conference. She was first up in a session on Asymmetric Reactions & Syntheses which also included a talk from our UCD colleague Prof Pat Guiry, as well as other speakers from all over the world. Avene presented some of our latest results on using organocatalysts in stereoselective glycosylations. Well done on your talk Avene.

ACS Philly logo


New article in Org Lett published

Our latest publication has appeared online in Organic Letters. The paper, published in collaboration with the Galan group in Bristol,  describes the development of a bifunctional organocatalyst for the glycosylation of nitrogalactals. To illustrate the potential for this new method we demonstrated how it enabled us to synthesise the key amino acid-linked glycoconjugates present in the Core 6 and 7 mucins. This is the 5th paper to arise from Ed Balmond’s PhD – well done Ed!

OrgLett2016 graphical abstract

The paper can be viewed online (with a subscription) at:

Org Lett 2016, 18, asap. DOI: 10.1021/acs.orglett.6b01962

The research was funded by EPSRC, ERC, GSK, SFI and Marie-Curie COFUND.