Synfacts Highlights our Paper

Our article in Chemistry – a European Journal was highlighted in SYNFACTS by Victor Snieckus and John Trujillo (Pfizer). They commented that “The chemistry described is certain to find application in the exploration of novel bioactive compounds.” The highlight can be read (with a subscription) in:

Synfacts 2013, 9, 1159. DOI: 10.1055/s-0033-1340007.

Our original paper can be read online (with a subscription):

Chem Eur J 2013, 19, 10827-10831. DOI: 10.1002/chem.201302081


New Group Members!

Nathan Allen has joined the group and has been awarded a UCD Research-Demonstratorship. Nathan obtained his undergraduate degree in Cardiff and followed this up with a Masters in York. We are very happy to welcome Nathan to Dublin for his PhD studies. Nathan will be carrying out research in the area of organocatalysis.

We also welcome 3 undergraduate project students to the group. Sarah Mallen, Martin Ferry and Jeff Glynn are final year students in UCD. They will carry out their final year research projects in the group. They will each work on projects in the area of organocatalysis.

In addition, Josh Bindon joins us for a one semester research experience as part of his study abroad programme. Josh is a visiting student at UCD from the University of Notre Dame. Josh is exploring some organosulfur chemistry during his stay.