New Group Members

We welcome Sandra Semmler, Amy Maguire and Mairead Boland to the group! Sandra is a visiting Erasmus+ student from Hamburg and will work on stereoselective glycosylations while in Dublin this semester. Amy and Mairead are carrying out their final year research projects in the group for the next two semesters. Amy is researching the use of sulfur reagents in asymmetric organocatalysis and Mairead is carrying out research on carbohydrate chemistry.


Jeff, Sarah and Martin Graduate

Congratulations to Sarah Mallen, Jeff Glynn and Martin Ferry on their graduation with BSc honours degrees! Jeff and Sarah majored in Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biology while Martin majored in Chemistry. They all carried out their final year research projects in the group last academic year. Jeff carried out research on developing a beta-selective glycosylation while Sarah and Martin worked on thiourea-catalysed organocatalytic reactions. Sarah and Martin have both obtained funded PhD positions. The graduates are pictured here in a group shot (Avene, Gary, Martin, Jeff, Sarah and Eoghan). Congratulations to all of them on their achievements.

2014 graduation