About Eoghan

I studied chemistry at University College Dublin obtaining my PhD with Declan Gilheany in the area of M(salen) mediated asymmetric epoxidation. Following my PhD, I carried out postdoctoral research developing a method for the synthesis of P-stereogenic phosphorus compounds.

In 2005, I moved to the University of Bristol as the Research Officer in the group of Varinder Aggarwal. My research in Bristol has focused on the development of organosulfur catalysts and reagents in organic synthesis. In 2009, I was appointed as the course manager of the Bristol Chemical Synthesis Doctoral Training Centre.

In July 2012, I joined the School of Chemistry and Chemical Biology in University College Dublin, Ireland as an independent research group leader. The position was funded by Science Foundation Ireland under the Starting Investigators Research Grant scheme. I was elected as a Fellow of the Institute of Chemistry of Ireland in 2015. Following the successful conclusion of my SFI-Fellowship, I was appointed as a Lecturer in Organic Chemistry at UCD in July 2016.


Recent Posts

Paper in Chemical Science

We have published an article in Chem. Sci. describing a cheap, low molecular weight glycosylation catalyst at loadings down to 0.1 mol%. Just 0.25 mg of thiouracil as catalyst was required to make 1 g of disaccharide product. The work evidences that the mechanism of activation is not through double H-bonding catalyst but rather by Brønsted acid/base catalysis. We also demonstrated application to the synthesis of glyconjugates and 1,1′-linked trehalose-type sugars (with relevance to TB studies).

McGarrigle Graphical Abstract revised for website

Special congratulations to joint lead authors Gary and Avene; this paper contains key results from both their PhD theses and reflects a lot of hard work. Well done also to Mairead who contributed to the research as part of her final year BSc project. Ultimately a lot of hard work was put in by all the authors so well done too to Nathan and Ren, and thanks to Yannick for his work on special NMR experiments. Thanks also to our funders: SFI (SIRG and CDA awards supported Gary, Eoghan and Ren), IRC (PG Scholarship to Avene), and UCD (funding for Nathan).

The article is available as an open access article:

Chem Sci 2019, advance article. G A BradshawA C ColganN P AllenI PongenerM B BolandY Ortin and E M McGarrigle* — Stereoselective organocatalyzed glycosylations – thiouracil, thioureas and monothiophthalimide act as Brønsted acid catalysts at low loadings. DOI: 10.1039/C8SC02788A

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