Research Presented in Palermo

Our preliminary findings from a collaboration with the group of Prof Peter Schreiner (Giessen) were presented in Palermo at the latest meeting of the EU COST action ORCA (CM0905). Raffael Wende prepared the poster but unfortunately fell ill and couldn’t attend the meeting, so Eoghan presented the poster in his absence. The poster described some promising initial results from Raffael and Avene. These were mostly obtained during Raffael’s visit to Dublin funded by the award of funding for a Short Term Scientific Meeting (STSM) by the COST Action to Raffael.

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We have joined the Organocatalysis COST action

Eoghan was invited to talk about our work on organocatalytic glycosylation at a meeting of the COST action ‘ORCA‘ (focusing on Organocatalysis) in Athens, Greece. There were presentations from all across the Europe (Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK) and also a talk from Keiji Maruoka (Kyoto, Japan). Subsequently, our application to join the COST action has been accepted. We hope this will lead to further collaborations with other research groups in the EU.