New Paper in Angewandte Chemie

Our latest publication was published online in Angew Chem Int Ed today. The paper describes how a cyclic disiloxane group controls the conformation of oxacarbenium ions, and leads to high selectivities in the synthesis of 2-deoxyglycosides from glucals and rhamnals. Some additional effects leading to higher selectivity were observed in the glucal series. This paper arose from a collaboration with Dr M Carmen Galan and Prof Roger Alder at the University of Bristol and Dr Diane Coe at GSK. Congratulations to Ed Balmond in particular – this is his second paper as first author in Angew Chem Int Ed.

graphical abstract ACIE 2014The paper is published as an open access article in Angew Chem Int Ed and can be obtained at the following links:

Angew Chem Int Ed 2014, early view. DOI: 10.1002/anie.201403543

Angew Chem 2014, early view. DOI: 10.1002/ange.201403543

The research was funded by EPSRC (Bristol Chemical Synthesis CDT), GSK, SFI and Marie-Curie COFUND.

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