Ren’s new Paper in OBC

Our latest paper has been published online in the RSC journal Org Biomol Chem. The paper describes a new way to make glycosyl chlorides using oxalyl chloride as chlorine source and just a catalytic amount of phosphine oxide. The reaction is very clean and so the product can be further reacted without purification in a subsequent organocatalytic glycosylation.

graphical abstract for website

The paper comprises work by Imlirenla, Eoghan and our UCD colleague Kirill Nikitin. This is Ren’s second paper and first as lead author, so particular congratulations to her. The research was funded by Science Foundation Ireland (mostly under a CDA grant to Eoghan). The paper can be read online (currently with a valid subscription, open access will follow, reprints available, email Eoghan):

Org Biomol Chem 2019, advance article;



Congrats Dionysia!

CSCB-2018-42Dionysia Poster PrizeCongratulations to Dionysia, who was awarded a poster prize at the CSCB Symposium last week. Dionysia’s research is funded by SFI under a CDA award to Eoghan (15/CDA/3625). The whole group attended the Centre for Synthesis & Chemical Biology’s annual symposium “Recent Advances in Synthesis & Chemical Biology XVII” which this year was held in the Royal College of Surgeons in Dublin. Eoghan chaired the Eli Lily Lecture given by his former colleague Prof. Kevin Booker-Milburn from the University of Bristol. Other lectures were given by Profs. Jonathan Nitschke (Cambridge), Chris Braddock (Imperial), Ed Tate (Imperial), Helma Wennemers (ETH Zurich). It was an excellent day of science with the 5 lectures from world-leaders complemented by approx. 50 posters presented by PhD students and Postdocs. Well done to our labmate Claudio Monasterolo from the Gilheany group who also won a poster prize.