Vinny’s book chapter is published.

Well done to Vinny on the publication of his book chapter online today. It is an invited chapter in the Italian Chemical Society’s book Targets in Heterocyclic Systems (Vol. 25). Congrats also to our School Colleagues (just down the corridor) Cormac Bracken and Marcus Baumann who also have a chapter in this volume. Snap! This is the fourth publication to emanate from Vinny’s NUI-funded PhD Scholarship. Vinny’s chapter describes applications of vinylsulfonium salts in heterocycle synthesis. The chapter is available for free online on an open access basis.

Targets in Heterocyclic Systems, Vol 25, p78-99; Eds O A Attanasi, B Gabriele, P Merino, D Spinelli; Società Chimica Italiana; Rome, 2021. V K Duong, E M McGarrigle — Application of vinylsulfonium salts to the synthesis of heterocycles.

Open Access: