Inaugural Lecture and Medals Awarded

Congratulations to Joseph Ruddy, Cian Reid and Cathal Caulfield – yesterday they were awarded Dervilla Donnelly medals for finishing joint top of the 2018 BSc class in Medicinal Chemistry & Chemical Biology. Cian and Joe carried out their final year research projects in the group last year. Joe is a current group member while Cian is now a research student in the Guiry group. Congratulations also to our former summer intern, Anna Sozanschi, who was awarded the Frank Hegarty medal for her performance in the 3rd year of the BSc in Medicinal Chemistry & Chemical Biology. For a full list of winners see the School news item.

These medals were awarded as part of the School of Chemistry’s Research Day. The research day finished with the UCD Chemistry Society’s Inaugural Lecture. The invited lecture was given this year by Prof Steve Ley (Univ. Cambridge). Well done to the ChemSoc team for all their efforts throughout the year, especially President Gaffney!