Avene presents in London

Avene presented her research at two events in London this week. Firstly, she was selected for participation at the RSC Organic Division Poster Symposium. She was the only participant based in Ireland of the 40 invited posters in the event. The event was sponsored by several companies including ‘headline’ sponsor Hoffman-LaRoche Ltd. and held in the RSC headquarters in Burlington House, London. Avene interacted with the other participants and academics and got lots of positive feedback on her poster.

RSC poster symposium Dec 2017

Then on Wednesday Avene presented a poster at the SCI 24th Annual Review Meeting which was also held in London. The meeting had talks from Profs David Procter and Martin Smith, and Drs Jordi Bures, Daniele Leonori, Robert Phipps, and Anna Slater. The review lectures provided in-depth discussion of emerging concepts and techniques for organic synthesis.