Eoghan visits Poland

Eoghan has just returned from a lecture tour in Poland. Eoghan first spoke about the group’s carbohydrate work at the one of Poland’s oldest universities, the Jagiellonian University in Krakow where he was hosted by Prof Jacek Mlynarksi. He then gave a talk about our work on heterocycle synthesis at one of Poland’s youngest universities, Jan Dlugosz Częstochowa, as part of the XVth International Symposium on Selected Problems of Chemistry of Acyclic and Cyclic Heteroorganic Compounds. He rounded off the tour with a lecture in Lodz, at the 19th International Symposium on Advances in the Chemistry of Heteroorganic Compounds at the Polish Academy of Sciences in Lodz. Eoghan was one of five plenary lecturers at this one-day meeting, speaking alongside Prof Gary Sulikowski (Vanderbilt University, USA), Prof Dorota Gryko (IChO Pan, Warsaw, Poland), Prof Thomas Muller (Dusseldorf University, Germany), and Prof Takaaki Sonoda (Kyushu University, Japan). Special thanks to Prof Jozef Drabowicz for coordinating the visit and to the Polish Chemical Society for their sponsorship of the meeting.