Varinder Aggarwal Elected to the Royal Society

We congratulate our collaborator Prof. Varinder Aggarwal, who has achieved the rare distinction of being elected a Fellow of The Royal Society – the world’s most eminent and oldest scientific academy in continuous existence; founded in 1660, it is a Fellowship of 1,400 outstanding individuals representing science, engineering and medicine – a global scientific network of the highest calibre. Past and present members include Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Robert Boyle, Henry LeChatelier, John Dalton, Lord Kelvin, Francis Crick and Stephen Hawking. Fellows of the Royal Society are elected for life and designate themselves through the use of the letters FRS after their names. Only 44 new members are elected each year.

The citation from the Royal Society reads: Varinder Aggarwal, is distinguished for his outstanding contributions to the field of asymmetric synthesis, particularly applications of ylide chemistry where he is the world leader.